Web Design

PLANETWeBDESIGN designs pages for your company based on your true requirements. Every company’s requirements are different. Big company’s needs a big site, smaller company’s may settle with a smaller site. It’s important for your company that the quality of your site equals the quality of your product or service. A bad site can destroy the image of a good product.

I think that every company, regardless of the company’s size, deserve personally and well- made pages with original graphics. Therefore are your company’s logo, background- and navigation graphics will be included on every page.

Nothing angers an internet surfer more than inaccurate and old information. You have to remember and have strength enough to update your pages when your information changes. You can either do that yourself or buy an updating service from me. I can also educate and instruct you or someone else in your staff if you decide to do the updating in house.

You have from the beginning full insight of the design of your site. When you have decided to use my service and we have agreed on a price, you get a user id and password. You can, whenever it suit you, log on to the site and check my work, present me your own ideas, views and wishes or criticize. If you are going to update your pages yourself, you can ask for advice and guidance.

When your site is ready and you have proved it and paid for it, I will transfer it to the provider of your choice.

Remember not to expect too much of your site. Even though it is possible to reach your site from everywhere in the world, the chances that people will find your site are limited. The Internet doesn’t replace your company’s current marketing strategy it only completes it.