HTML Tutorials

How often have I heard “I just need one or two changes on my page. I can’t find the webmaster who created my site and I need updates”

For those of you with strong hearts who would like to learn to make changes or create pages themselves… you are welcome to study and use the tutorials available here.

You can follow the tutorials by clicking on the hat above or the links below it should answer most of your questions, if not you can always e-mail your questions directly to me. I’m never to busy to lend a hand.

Or webmaster-on-demand is a service available just for that purpose. After your account has been set up (set up fee: $50 – a one time fee), includes ftp file transfers, permissions and changes to the page (unlimited) at the prices quoted on the costs pages.

This allows updates to become an e-mail away and are usually posted and changed within 24 hours.